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The U.S IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has a mammoth task to accomplish and that’s to arrange for preparing tax of millions of professionals and collect taxes henceforth. Needless to say, it can’t do everything all by itself. For that reason, it seeks help — through organizations such as VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) and Tax Counseling of the Elderly (TCE) — from common citizens or volunteers or partners to help others in preparing taxes for filing purposes. Here’s what you should know about Volunteering for the IRS:

You don’t need to be an expert
When looking for volunteers, the IRS is certainly not knocking on the doors of the famed universities producing the brightest of the finance wizards. You don’t need any experience in filing taxes or even know anything about taxes in the first place. The IRS takes upon itself to train its volunteers through the above-mentioned organizations such as VITA and TCE. After the volunteers go through the necessary training and complete it successfully, they are deemed as certified VITA/TCE trainers qualified to review, prepare, file or advice others on taxes.

Free training provided
As mentioned above, the actual nitty-gritty about taxes and all that you need to know is done through training conducted by the IRS. Apart from these necessary training modules, volunteers also go through training on tax laws, the Internet and e-filing, the whole gamut of what’s involved in preparing taxes, etc.

No one’s asking you to do a job 
The IRS is clear about one thing: it’s volunteering and not a job. They won’t pay you for a it but they will help you do everything you can to help others. The hours you will work are flexible –you can choose your own ours but should average a minimum of three to four hours a week, mid- January, through the tax months leading up to April 17th, 2011.

Volunteering for the IRS is a great way to learn more about tax preparing, get certified by IRS, and make new business relationships.


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